ATX Power Supply Repair And Troubleshooting

Customer ATX power supply came in with the complaint of intermittent no power. When testing it with power on, I could see that the fan is not rotating. Not only that, some filter capacitors also became bulge because of the heat accumulated inside the power supply. The failure of the fan would not suck out the heat generated by the components especially the switch mode power transformer.

If you switch off a working power supply and power removed, touch the power transformer, you could feel it is quite warm. Another heat source would be the heat sink where the output diodes attached to it. Diodes run a little bit hotter in filter circuit than diodes in other circuits due to the high current present at the secondary output line.

As for the malfunction fan, you actually could use a Philips oil based contact cleaner to service the fan. The grease inside the fan would run dry after serving for sometimes and eventually stop rotating. Remove the back plastic cap of the fan and spray it with the contact cleaner and you would be surprised the fan could actually regain back its glory. It will actually work just like a new fan. If it still doesn’t rotate, the best choice is to replace with a new fan. If you have the power supply that lying down at your work place then you could salvage the fan and install it.

From the photo at my website you also could see those decayed glue that stick besides the components. Manufacturers purposely used some kind of glue to apply on the components where they think those components will shake or comes out when there is vibration or during shipping. After the equipment work for a long time and the heat generated inside the equipment will turn the glue into conductive and sometimes would even corrode the pins of the components and eventually cause the equipment to stop working.

Scrap it off with your test pen and use Thinner solution to clean the printed circuit board. After replacing the capacitors, removed the decayed glue and service the fan, the Atx power supply again given a new life to faithfully serve the computer.

Some ATX power supply would take you a longer time to troubleshoot because of ‘too many’ components on the board. The most frustrated part is that you could not get the spare parts especially the power ic. Even if you could locate one, the price would be sky high and if this happen, I will usually get the customer to buy a new unit since nowadays the price of a new one are quite cheap.

HP Pavilion Elite e9280t Review – Find Out If This Desktop PC is Worth Buying

If you read any HP Pavilion Elite e9280t reviews, you’ll see that most consumers consider it to be a pretty good and promising PC. The series offers a variety of options, including a memory of 8 GB DDR3-1066 MHz to 24 and a hard drive of anywhere from 300 GB to 640. You can choose the specs yourself and customize your own desktop.

Hewlett-Packard offers a two-year warranty on the HP Pavilion Elite e9280t series, as well as 24/7 customer support via email or instant messaging. You can order the computer and its components directly from HP’s main site or through another retailer. Just be careful and only order it from a trustworthy seller or company.

The HP Pavilion Elite e9280t also comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, which contributes a lot of power and speed to the PC. In other words, you’ll be able to play games with intense graphics, watch videos easily, and listen to music without worrying about your computer crashing. Indeed, this series is an entertainment powerhouse!

Additional features include: an optional TV tuner, Blu-ray DVD player and writer, wireless LAN card, Windows 7, photo software, free upgrade to Paint Shop Pro, and more. You can add as much as you want to your HP Pavilion Elite e9280t. Coupons are available that will help you save money on the order. Some coupons can also be used for free upgrades!

Just five short years ago, a desktop like this would have cost at least $2,000. Since technology is getting sharper and better, Hewlett-Packard is able to sell their PCs for more affordable prices. The listing price for this computer is just over $1,000. However, with coupons, you can save a lot of money. Just do a search for “HP Pavilion Elite e9280t discounts” or coupons to see what comes up.

You can expect multifaceted entertainment technology, which can be used for creating slide shows and videos, watching Blu-ray DVDs, stream videos anytime, listening to Pandora internet radio, playing your favorite computer games, and so forth. Also, if you have a TV tuner, you can watch TV via your PC! Just make sure it’s added to your list of accessories when placing your order.

Overall, this is a good PC that provides users with amazing graphics, upgraded technology, reliability, and a lot more. You can expect it to last for years, just as long as you take good care of it. In order to save, look for HP Pavilion Elite e9280t coupon offers online. You’ll be surprised at how affordable a new, innovative desktop can be!

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Vital to a Healthy Computer

There are a few steps, some simple, some a bit more involved, that can ensure the longevity of your computer, keep your data safe-from being lost or stolen-and basically keep you from being forced to spend costly repairs or time away from your machine.

At the most basic level of preventative maintenance is keeping your software updated, especially Microsoft Updates. These updates help fix recently discovered security holes in the system-vulnerabilities that malicious people can exploit in order to do all variety of nefarious things to your computer. They can lock up your precious data, keeping you from accessing your files or delete the files entirely. The other major threat that can result from hackers gaining access to your machine is identity theft. The thief’s can gather passwords, social security numbers, nearly anything they desire once they have access to your computer. Identity theft is a major problem facing Americans today, with the total monetary damage reaching hundreds of billions of dollars, with the average loss per person being nearly five thousand dollars. But by keeping your operating system properly and timely updated, you stand a much better chance at avoiding what could be an incredible headache.

Just as people brush their teeth so they won’t have to possibly deal with a costly and painful trip to the dentist, so should you take little steps to keep your machine clean. One surefire way to destroy a computer is to allow it to overheat. Your computer is made up of many fragile electronic components that can only work efficiently within a certain temperature threshold. Should your computer be exposed to excess temperatures for too long a period of time, it’s likely something will malfunction. This will likely inevitably lead to costly repairs and even costlier downtime. To keep your machine running coolly, use compressed air to blow out any fans that your computer uses, including heatsink fans, power supply fans, and possibly video card fans. This will knock out the dust and allow your fans to work much more efficiently.

Returning to the theme of updates, it’s important to judiciously update your antivirus software (and if you don’t have antivirus software, you need to purchase some.) The reason it is so pertinent to stay up date with virus definitions is that bad people are creating new threats daily, and if you just run a scan without first updating the virus software, your scan won’t find any newly developed threats, leaving you vulnerable. Other software to keep updated include Adobe, Flash Player, along with many other third party softwares that hackers can use to attack your computer.

One last method to extend your computers life as well as increase performance is to defragment your hard drive weekly. Doing so will allow your drive to read data more quickly and because the drive will have to do less work, it’s apt to last you longer.

The point of preventative maintenance is to save money and to avoid downtime.