Unable to Add Adapter Registry Access Error – How to Solve It

Those who have been using a system for many long years know that as years pass by they would really get slow down. The hardware components of the PC’s are no way responsible for the slow process of applications in the system. In fact the systems gets slow down due to the errors in the files stored in Registries. These are important locations in our system were those essential files necessary for the operation of the system are stored.

The files stored in the registries are altered whenever a new program is installed into the system. Some believe that the efficiency of the system can be increased when we uninstall some programs from the computer. It’s partially true but even when a program is uninstalled from a computer some junk files are left behind in the system which slows down the applications of the system. Errors in registry are common and as we use our system for a very long period of time, the chances of these error messages would be only more. “Unable to add adapter registry access error” is one of those registry errors.

The problem “unable to add adapter registry access error” is very easy to solve. The reason for the error is that to install SPTD it requires to reboot to get SPTD into system. The Daemon Tools Pro won’t start without SPTD in system. If you are running the tray program then exit from it and run the DAEMON Tools lite install program again. This would help to solve the problem.