The Dos’s and Don’ts of Computer Upgrades

You bring a brand new computer home and in a matter of months, you realize that the processor is slower and the model you bought is outdated. Its time for a face life now and computer upgrades. With technology changing each day in the computer world, an upgrade or replacement is a must in a matter of a years time. So it is important to collect information about what all parts have to be replaced, and what can wait longer when you require a computer hardware upgrade.

Particularly if you are a gamer, you must be well aware of the latest trends in gaming and the processors required. With every year, a new must play game comes into the market which demands higher processor speed, better Graphic Card and higher RAM. So once you have decided on making a computer hardware upgrade, it is important that you know what you have to upgrade and not get carried away by the suggestions of the person who does the computer upgrades, as his sole motive would be to sell you the costliest component, which might not exactly be what you are looking for.

The first step before you proceed for computer upgrades is to understand the configuration of the computer, which you currently have. This can be figured out from the bill of purchase in case you have it or by getting the system checked with someone who knows the, what is what of a computer. Then try figuring out which of the hardware is outdated and what does not need replacement. Usually The RAM and Processor are the components, which need upgradation for most computers as this field of technology is advancing fast. For gamers though, the Graphic Card and Sound Card are also very important components and hence need upgradation each year.

Then it is very important to understand what should be upgraded and what should not, as the performance basically depends more on those few vital components than the whole CPU. What I mean by this is that, though the technology changes every few days, it is not mandatory for you to have the latest and the best product in the market as long as your computers performance is good. One of the best things you can do for computer upgrades is to just change the Operating System as the computer usually shows better performance when it is loaded with the new OS. It is also important you take care what OS you upgrade as not all of them enhance the performance of your computer.

It is also important that one knows what not to do when you think you require a computer hardware upgrade. The first mistake most people do is blindly go to some computer repair technician who set the trap for you to upgrade almost the whole system costing you heavens or replace the old one with a new computer. Instead you should first check with a close friend or someone you knows about the vital parts and check the replacement costs of each component. Then it is important you find a trusted source for the computer upgrades only for the necessary parts. In fact it is better to get the help of a friend and fix the new components on your own. This helps you get firsthand knowledge of the computer and also turns out to be cost effective.